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Executive coaching

Executive coaching

As a leader, it can be lonely at the top. 


There are many topics and considerations that you cannot share with your immediate surroundings. There is often a host of possibilities but what is most important? And how can they be realised so that the level of performance succeeds while you preserve yourself in the long term?


When, as a leader, you need a sparring partner and clarification of the strategic priorities and execution, I am happy to assist with both the clarification and perspective.

Become aware of your personal performance pattern.

As a leader or a specialist, how do you become authentic and the best version of yourself

“Lars listens, asks pointed questions and stimulates one's own reflections on the task of management, so that solutions are created along the way. Lars is a trust-building person who provides the security to be able to share the innermost and most difficult problems with a focus on constructive solutions. I can only give my best recommendations. Thank you, Lars.” 

Birgitte Rav Degenkolv

Hospital director, Amager Hvidovre Hospital


"In addition to his excellent ability for creating performance in a team context, Lars has also proven to be able to challenge my own opinions and beliefs on a completely personal level. Also, in a way that has made me 'move myself' both mentally and physically, compared with what I could have achieved."

Leif Larsen

Prof. board member and former company director
Jyske Bank

”I have known Lars H. Nielsen for 25 years and have used him as an executive coach along the way. Lars has 30 years of experience in the field and one of his core skills is his empathy. He is, therefore, good at both listening and asking the right questions, as well as helping to see different solutions. I can definitely recommend Lars H. Nielsen both as a facilitator for strategy processes and as an executive coach.” 

Klaus Skjødt

CEO, Sparekassen Kronjylland

Voted as Denmark’s Best Workplace 2019 and 2020

Voted as Europe’s Best Workplace 2020


Winner Culture 

Having a winning culture is to have one common understanding of mindset and behavior when the top performance just must succeed at the first attempt.

There is a difference between socializing when the pace is slow and performing under stress and high pressure.

Expect the headwind to be greatest when ambitions are high and the balance of working life is challenged.

OlymPeak's Winning Mindset™ concept ensures consistency between the strategy's ambitions, behavior and leadership.

Become aware of how you and your team perform best, so that the culture harmonizes with the business' high ambitions and strategies.

Become aware of your winning culture, habits, processes and top performance patterns.

Performing at your best when the situation demands it is doing the right thing, correctly, the first time. To be prepared for both adversity and success.

"Lars has a fantastic ability to merge strategy and culture into one common process. We were able to rapidly raise the bar from a position of ’mediocre’ to ’ambitious’.”

Lars Møller 

Country Manager, Pfizer Denmark


The advantage of Lars’ methods is that they combine values, process, leadership and strategic goals.

Lars ties people into the strategy process by way of a Winning Mindset™.”

Jan Schneider-Tilli 
Project director Copenhagen-Ringsted

"Lars H. Nielsen has facilitated the last 3 strategy processes in Sparekassen Kronjylland, in which 'Culture' has played an important role. His great experience and top qualifications mean that he always ensures that we get through the processes successfully. During the strategy phase, it is inevitable that we, the management, disagree and get frustrated along the way. In that phase, Lars is good at staying calm and holding on to the belief that we are on the right track. In other phases where we think that we have quickly reached a solution, he can challenge us on whether we are actually ambitious enough.”

Klaus Skjødt

CEO, Sparekassen Kronjylland

(Voted as Europe’s best Workplace with the most satisfied customers)


"I still use one of Lars' sentences from our collaboration because it is so simple and so real. Namely: Is this something we have talked about, or is it something we have agreed on?” 

Anette Kokholm

Radiochef, Danmarks Radio


Facilitation of strategy processes,

culturalprocesses and team processes

When you and your team get together, it's a matter of making the most of the time you have available.

When the discussions in your group or leadership team are intense and feelings run high, it is my job to steer these discussions. This is how the right decisions are made, and the consequences are obvious. You may feel need a to be a part of the process without actually steering it yourself.

How do we align the highest ambitions, culture, behavior and leadership? 


Allow me to organize and facilitate the discussions and the process so that you reach your goals.


I have a wealth of experience from the boardroom to the departmental team.


Strategy is about entering into agreements and make decisions concerning the company's ambitions, development, culture and execution. But what have we afterwards 'talked about' and what has been 'agreed'?


You can derail a lot when the team discusses the challenges, but what is it that actually leads to commitment?

The benefits you gain are clarification, alignment and a strong commitment to execute your highest ambitions.

“Lars is Denmark's best strategy facilitator.

I have known Lars for 25 years and have also used him as a personal coach along the way. This is especially true during periods when the Management Team has been working on a new strategy. The advantage of using Lars is clearly his empathy and experience. He listens and asks the right questions, and is good at helping others to see different solutions. At the same time, he is the man  to test whether our ingenious ideas are as ingenious as we think they are.”

Klaus Skjødt

 Managing Director, Sparekassen Kronjylland, 900 empl.

(Voted as Europe’s Best Workplace)


​"I have worked with Lars for more than 20 years and he has guided me through strategy processes as the leader at various levels. Together with my management teams, we have created ambitious foundations for our collaboration and strategy thanks to Lars’ professional and empathetic advice and facilitation.”

Birgitte Rav Degenkolv

Hospital Director, ​Amager Hvidovre Hospital, 5000 empl.


” Lars H. Nielsen's approach both inspires and challenges. Working with Danfoss’ management team, Lars helped to create the right starting point for the development and later implementation of Danfoss' successful strategy Core & Clear.”

Niels B. Christiansen 
Company Director and CEO, LEGO

(about the collaboration in Danfoss, 28.000 empl.)


 “First class facilitation of our strategy process.”


Lasse Søndergaard Christensen 

Partner, Gorrissen Federspiel


Strategic process advisory 

During my more than 30 years as a facilitator, team builder and coach in the world of business, I have gained a great deal of experience and insight into strategic development and implementation processes - when and how, who should discuss what, in what order and in what context.

Who has greater insight into your situation and challenges than yourself and your organization?


That insight should be used to ensure a solid ownership of the strategy, the culture and of the execution.


I have a long and successful history of assembling and managing the optimal strategic process, thus ensuring that, throughout the organization, a strong commitment to the goals you set yourself and the efforts that must be prioritized is created.


Strategy building and establishing a winning culture should not be outsourced.


It is the board's and management's own task.

But I can ensure a clear harmony between the strategic business ambitions and the winning culture that must support those ambitions.

"Had it not been for the process that Lars and I started in Jyske Bank in 1992, I would hardly have had the position I have had for almost 25 years.”

"Lars' recommendations of the strategy processes themselves - both strategically and practically - mean that have we come a long way in a short time. The entire Executive Committee subsequently knows where we are going, why and how."

Anders Dam

CEO, Jyske Bank 

​"Lars’ approach both inspires and challenges. Lars H. Nielsen contributed to creating the right starting point and focus for Danfoss’ management team, in the development and later implementation of Danfoss' successful strategy Core & Clear ."


Niels B. Christiansen 
President and CEO, LEGO (about the collaboration in Danfoss)



” Lars is the man who wants to make a difference. In connection with the Danish Lung Association's new pro-active strategy, Healthier lungs - Throughout life, there was a need to establish a solid network that could support families with seriously ill children. When we had to start the new network with volunteers and professionals, Lars offered himself as a facilitator. Something happens when a person like Lars, with many years of experience in company coaching and with a winning soul, takes over the space! Lars is the type of person who challenges both method and process during the planning. Lars both creates the positive energy needed for progress and understands the overall aspects of the development of a modern NGO.”

Anne Brandt

Managing Director, Denmarks Lung Association (NGO)

Strategisk procesrådgivning
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